got your back!


The Bench Boss is more than just an innovative stand for threading machines. It's a portable, user-friendly solution to many of the site safety and productivity issues professional contractors like you deal with every day.

The Bench Boss can remain on the truck, ready to go, and there's no heavy lifting or time wasted during set-up or takedown. This is especially efficient when you're attending to numerous small jobs throughout the day, not to mention that the Bench Boss makes a wide variety of tasks much safer and easier on people's backs. (You're welcome, Worker's Compensation!)


save time and money!


minimize damage

Save time and reduce damage to your vehicles and tools since the Bench Boss isn't stored in the cargo hold of a truck or van — it's mounted to the hitch instead (and not to worry, your doors will still open easily while the Bench Boss is connected to your vehicle!).

configurable to different tools

The Bench Boss is multi-use and can be configured for many different tools — from threaders, to mount saws, to generators, decoilers, drain cleaning equipment, welding equipment and beyond.

totally portable

The Bench Boss is portable, on or off the hitch. It can be effortlessly detached from the vehicle and set-up to go to work anywhere it's needed.

an ideal decoiler

When fitted with optional decoiler components, the Bench Boss functions as the ideal decoiler of pex tubing, radiant tubing, heavy electrical cable and more because it serves as a smooth, stable rotating axis.

oil container shelf

The Bench Boss can be used with an optional oil container shelf to minimize the time and cost of cleanup by keeping the oiler directly under the work, out of the wind and out of the way.

a place for hand tools and fittings

When used with smaller, industry standard threaders, the Bench Boss can also function as a resting place for hand tools and fittings — with predrilled holes allowing for the mounting of industry standard two-inch chain vices as well, thus eliminating the need for a heavy tri-stand. 


save energy!

save backs! 

  • Always ready to go, with next to no set-up or take-down required.
  • Rolls, mounts and dismounts easily – making what was once a two-person job easily manageable for one.
  • Can thread or groove from any direction because it rotates 360 degrees across 16 different locking positions, which is very helpful when space is limited.
  • No heavy lifting, set-up or tear-down. 
  • Adjusts vertically to suit different operators’ height and approach.
  • The Bench Boss is very stable – it simply can’t fall over when attached to a truck.
  • Less injuries = less time off work = fewer Workers’ Compensation claims, too.
Bench Boss-16.jpg

And you can rest assured that it’s legal!  Under existing transport laws and regulations, the Bench Boss falls under the same category as a hitch-mounted bike rack or cargo carrier.

Yes, there is now a better way.