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The Bench Boss is an innovative and portable platform for mounting various tools. It was originally designed to connect with pipe/bolt threaders and decoilers, but it's also suited to welders, drain cleaning equipment, saws, generators, and other heavy equipment. It's designed to connect seamlessly and securely to a vehicle's trailer hitch for ease of use and convenient transport. 

Comprised of a rotating platform mounted to a main beam with a hub and heavy duty bearing, the Bench Boss makes heavy mountable tools portable without the heavy lifting. It can be engaged while attached to the hitch, and it also has a set of wheels (and a support leg) for use when the Bench Boss is detached from the vehicle — providing a stable work station. 


Conceived, designed and battled-tested by the trades — who understand and appreciate the challenges and demands of the industry —the Bench Boss delivers many benefits, including:

  • Reducing injuries associated with lifting and moving threaders and other heavy tools
  • Eliminating damage caused by traditional loading, unloading and storage practices
  • Enhancing productivity and decreasing downtime in the shop and in the field

The Bench Boss fills a void and addresses many problems — making it the perfect tool for construction, service and industrial professionals seeking to adopt best practices that translate to time and money saved, injuries avoided, and energy harnessed! 



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